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Venerables' team of experts include Attorneys - Certified/Chartered Accountants - Investment Bankers - Tax and Financial Planners - Marketers.  We have partnered with institutional and private investors raising equity for businesses.    In addition , the Venture Capital Division has access to over 1,000 Accredited Investors that invest in all types of businesses.



The original company was founded in 1942 by a family member.   In 1967 after 25 years of mostly small business loans, formed and merged with First National Capital to expand services nationwide.  In 1973 purchased Executive Financial Services, a 14 year old leasing company. After the acquisition, the company became First National Leasing Corp. In 2001 the company merged with FNC investments and in 2012 this company was reformed and became Lewis Investment Group.    Because of our reputation as knowledgeable and supportive investors, and the growth experienced in the last two years, the Capital Investment Division was  sold to Venerable Capital Corporation.  in order to be totally focused in providing capital/loans to businesses of all sizes. 



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